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Some suggestion.from Tarquinus

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1Some suggestion.from Tarquinus Empty Some suggestion.from Tarquinus on Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:00 am

There's some suggestion from me, i would like to share, i know it's not hard to code but, anyway~ here it is...

1. 1 ~ 2 channel for a higher level player
details, if you put channel 1 as the higher level player channel, all the mobs in that channel (include bosses) have More hp, more exp, and more drop rate.
example for mobs,
snail lv1, 15hp, 3exp (normal channel)
snail lv51, 1315hp, 200exp, drop 2 green snail (higher level channel)

mutated slime lv 14x, 500k hp, 10k exp(normal channel)
mutated slime lv 18x, 3m hp, 200k exp (higher level channel)

top of the example are not accurate, just simply example.

2. More cash farming choices
details, currently what i've seen is only getting Cash from the sun. what about the dojo, and other choices?
Just saying, maybe

dojo (finish whole dojo gives 20k cash)
finish boss pq give xxx cash (depends on mode e,n,h,hell)

*will continue when think of more ideas.*

thanks for reading.

IGN Tarquinus

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2Some suggestion.from Tarquinus Empty Re: Some suggestion.from Tarquinus on Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:46 am


Dear Tarquinus,

We appreciate the suggestion from you. We will try to fit in whatever we can because too much editing will cause the attention from Wizet or Asiasoft.

Even you said it is not hard. It waste alot of time just to edit a small part of thing. Not to mention the cash farming choice.
Not to use real money to buy @cash. We already made it to drop @cash while killing mobs.

If it is 20k cash while 1 run in the dojo,then what will happens to the low level players? Play fair is important even among GM. But we will still wait for more idea of yours. Your suggestion are noted


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