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Guidelines on abuse reports.

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1Guidelines on abuse reports. Empty Guidelines on abuse reports. on Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:32 pm


-Guidelines on report priorities-
This is a list of what we will make a priority on investigating. Just because minor cases have a harsher punishment than intermediate cases, doesn't mean they are a higher priority.

Minor Cases:
1) BPQ Leech Service Scam.
2) Loaning or giving of items.
(Lending your friend an EQ / Mesos / NX / DP)
3) Leeching services scam.
(This includes Scarlion helm slots , LHC leech slots)

Why are these considered minor cases?
Everything above is involves the mutual trust between you, and another player.
These types of situations can be easily avoided with proper care, and the use of common sense.
It is your responsibility to only buy Leeching services from people you trust!

BPQ is not an intended feature on our part, therefore is outside the scope of our refund policy.
If you have been scammed, we will take action against the offender as normal, but we will not provide any sort of refund for any items/mesos lost in the process.

Intermediate Cases:
1) User Abuse
(Racism, Harassment, Constant Stereotyping)
2) Constant Smega Spam
(Purposely causing smega wars, useless spam, etc)
3) KSing. ( You are the only one in the map, till someone comes to KS you. We have a log to see who enters the map first.)

Major Cases:
1) Hacking
(Any sort of 3rd party program that enhances gameplay)
2) Glitching
(Abuse of any sort of major bug in the game. Such as damage exploits, and meso dupe exploits.)

-Guidelines to offense punishments-
Minor Cases:
1st time offenders : 20 Day ban, Unless player agrees to refund the player he scammed.
Repeated offenders : Permanent ban. If persists, IP Ban.

Intermediate Cases:
1st time offenders: Depends on the offense. Usually between 1 day and 20 days.
Repeated offenders: Permanent ban.
Constant offenders: IP ban.

Major Cases :
1st time offenders : Instant Permanent Ban.
2nd time offenders: Instant IP Ban.
Anything jeopardizing the community/economy: Hardware ID Ban.

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