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Gameplay Updates 17/02/2012

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1Gameplay Updates 17/02/2012 Empty Gameplay Updates 17/02/2012 on Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:24 pm


GamePlay Updates on 17th October 2012
- New Quest Map added ( Tera Forest Time Gate)
- You can now use @quest to warp to the quest map.
- Manekineko NPC is added into Free market Entrance to warp you to Quest map
- All mobs drops Dark Token
- Dark Token Exchanger has been added to Quest Map
- M Coins System has been added. (Permanent)
- M Coins can now be traded for a random Fearless / Abyss Equipment.
- Cyclop's Shoulder Pad , Dragon Glasses ( Scrolls included), AEES ( Added into Exchanger)
- Boss PQ Point has been revised to 30k Points to 50k NX.
- Boss PQ Rewards has been revised to 1k Point per round.
- Normal Boss PQ points has been revised to 3k Point per round.
- Maple Warrior 30 from Pink bean has been increased from 6% to 30%. ( Max 3 Books)

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